Hidden Gems in TFS – Part 12 – Link to Versioned Item

This post is and addition to René van Osnabrugge’s great series of Hidden Gems in TFS. An overview of these Gems can be found at his blog “The Road to ALM” here:


Just last week he showed me something that made me smile. His first response was “this has been around since… (I think we mentioned TFS 2005!!)

So what was it? We were talking on our Product Backlog, when he asked “Didn’t you create a document for that?” I replied “Yes I did!, it’s in source control, the path is in the workitem description”, something like $\Team Project\Folder\Folder\Document.docx.

He looked at me quite surprised and said “Did you know you can link to a Version Controled Item if you want?!”

Hidden Gem 12 - Link to Versioned Item


I thought it was worth a little post 🙂

Guess I will link to Version Controlled Item from now!

4 Replies to “Hidden Gems in TFS – Part 12 – Link to Versioned Item”

  1. We recently discovered the Links > Versioned Item gem in TFS. However, requirements changed and the file structure within TFS where our documentation was stored was rearranged. Now, all of the links are showing “(deleted)”… If these files are in TFS, and the structure is changed, shouldn’t TFS know where the file was moved to? As it is right now, I’m having to go through every backlog item and delete the link to the versioned item and re-link it at the new file location… Very frustrating… Am I missing something???

    1. Unfortunately there is not ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality for this. One way of seeing this moving of files is to toggle the Show Deleted items in Source Control explorer view, but this might not be what you are looking for. It may be possible to build something custom for this but it would be quite a challenge.

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