Combining TFS Version Control and Git with Git-TF

Great post on utilizing the power of Git in combination with Team Foundation Version Control

The Road to ALM

For a customer I am (together with my colleague Jasper Gilhuis) setting up a hybrid solution regarding Version Control. Some Scrum teams use Git as their primary Source Control system and most of them use TFS Version Control.

What we see at different organizations is that it requires the teams to check-in all code on a TFS branch. Most of the times this is needed to facilitate the release process or to facilitate auditors. However, some teams do not like to work with TFS Version Control or cannot work with TFS Version Control (e.g. XCode developers. What happens is that teams maintain duplicate repositories. The “Git” teams set up a TFS workspace and a Git Repository. All the work is done in the Git repository and when the work is done, the files are copied to the TFS workspace.

This works quite well, but traceability is hard. Git teams…

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