Hidden Gems in TFS – Part 12 – Link to Versioned Item

This post is and addition to René van Osnabrugge’s great series of Hidden Gems in TFS. An overview of these Gems can be found at his blog “The Road to ALM” here:


Just last week he showed me something that made me smile. His first response was “this has been around since… (I think we mentioned TFS 2005!!)

So what was it? We were talking on our Product Backlog, when he asked “Didn’t you create a document for that?” I replied “Yes I did!, it’s in source control, the path is in the workitem description”, something like $\Team Project\Folder\Folder\Document.docx.

He looked at me quite surprised and said “Did you know you can link to a Version Controled Item if you want?!”

Hidden Gem 12 - Link to Versioned Item


I thought it was worth a little post 🙂

Guess I will link to Version Controlled Item from now!

TFS Loves Scrum

TFS as perfect tool for Scrum

My Delta-N collegue René van Osnabrugge has created a must read series on using Team Foundation Server as a tool for running Scrum projects. He recently added the fifth and last post to a great series.

1. Introduction in Scrum and TFS
2. Using TFS for refining your Product Backlog
3. Using TFS in Sprint Planning
4. Using TFS in your Sprint
5. Using TFS in your Sprint Review and Retrospective

Enjoy the read on his blog!